Jake is actually 3 months this week, so it was time to get month 2 finished!! Thanks for looking! Angie

Journaling reads:
August 20, 2007
13 pounds, 12 ounces
23 3/4 inches

You rolled from your belly to your back on August 18th at Mama and Papa's house. * You can activate the music on your Activity Gym by yourself now by pulling on the hanging toys. * You rub your left eye when you are tired. * You still love your bath, and you love to kick in the water. * You are still having some problems with colic. You get uncomfortable around 5 in the morning. We bring you to bed with us at that time, and Mommy rubs your tummy until you fall back to sleep. * You take around 34 ounces of Nutramigen formula a day. * You won't nap in your bed...only in the swing or car seat. * You found your fist. You bring it close to your face to study it...so close that your eyes cross. It's so funny!

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