Here's one that ranks in my top ten most embarrasing moments! LOL!!!

Journalling reads...
You are obsessed with balls.
You have every kind of ball...
from baseballs to basketballs,
you love them all.
And at the tender age of 1 and a half,
anything that is round
from oranges to apples
they are all balls in your eyes.
And this is what leads me to the day
that I took you with me to the bank.
We approach the teller
who is wearing a very low cut top
and is very well
And you look up at this lady
and point and shout
with such enthusiasmin your voice...
"look mommy, balls!"
So alittle unsure of the right thing to do or say,
I decide to pretend that I did not hear you.
Which gave you even more reason
to shout louder,
I did not laugh that day
but I sure get the giggles now
every time I tell that story.

Supplies Used
template-kellie mize "tortuga template #43"
eyes-katie pertiet "googly eyes 2"
letters-jackie eckles "doodly alpha"
yellow bg paper-dana zarling "grunge factor"
orange bg paper-mary ann wise "sunny skies"
brushed edges-jackie eckles "frame it brushes"
font-stone serif