yes, i know i get a little carried away with journaling. so i kept the lo simple. Smile

this one is 100% katie!
chunky black chipboard
photo wraps 1
spot dots paper pack
krafty ledger paper pack
watery washes and watery brushes no 2

I know this may sound crazy, but right after you were born, warm and wrapped in a hospital issue blanket, I looked at your fingers, and kissed your tiny, moist, little hand. Then I wanted to see your face. You were beautiful, and ready to live. Call me crazy, but at that very moment, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of fleeting. I looked at your dad and said (I kid you not) ďWe only get him for 18 years.Ē The thought in that moment almost paralyzed me.

And here we are. Itís August 21, 2007, just a little over 5 years later. Itís time to start Kindergarten. That time with you went so fast. I knew it would. Will you remember how we let you pick out your new sneakers for school? And how we drove you with Uncle Gus and Aunt Lynn to see your class supply list and look at the roster on that Sunday before school started? Or how daddy drove us to the deserted school so we could practice the car line? And how I walked you up the sidewalk to the entrance so you could demonstrate that you were ready to thread your way through a crowded campus to class by yourself? They may seem like little details now, but they are so loaded with emotion. Letting go. Watching you grow. Seeing you become. You are a person weíre proud of. A baby no more. I miss the little you, and at the same time, I canít wait to see what happens next. It is my prayer, that some day, you will know exactly what that feels like.

You have made us so proud in ways you canít imagine. Kindergarten is the first step in letting you fly. I donít feel quite ready, but thereís no question that you are. Learn, grow, imagine, and love. Thatís what I want for you.