Sorry I haven't been around much and my praise is pretty short and sweet. Jake has colic, and I'm getting very little sleep. He's 9 weeks, so I'm hoping this will all be over soon.

This is my niece, Isabella. I'm not super thrilled with this LO, but I've been staring at it forever and decided just to get it posted. Maybe I'll rework it once I'm sleeping again! Thanks for looking! Angie

G-Funk Alpha: Light, Floral Whimsy, Gel Pen Posies, Shine On, Pretty Lil Hearts, and Button Bonanza 2 by Gina Miller. Little Bunches by Amanda Rockwell. Lilypad Ribbons, It's a Wrap, and Knotty Little Ribbons by Natalie Braxton. Staple Fool by Traci Murphy. Heavy Duty Staples by Kate Hadfield.