paper: Katie Pertiet, Carefree Summer
flourishes: Anna Aspnes, Hipster #6 & #10
edge frame, Katie Pertiet, Edges Brush Stamp

Joshua, You walked by when I was taking photos of Isaac, and I loved how the light looked on your face and asked you to stop right there. I didnít remember your profile in shadow 'til I saw the photo. It reminds me of the cut silhouette picture Grandma had made when you were 2 years old. There it is. Youíre 11 now, but itís the same nose, cheeks, and curls that the artist caught when she cut your silhouette all those years ago. And just as the essence of your profile is the same all these years later, so has the essence of your character remained steady. When you were born, we wondered what youíd be like, not realizing the answer was already right in front of us. Oxford. July 2007.