Naturally Krafty paper pack: Katie Pertiet
Frame and music brush: Kellie Mize
font: ss mono, eight track

I wrote this journaling as a little music appreciation lesson for Jake. Smile

I don’t consider myself old by any means, but I’ve lived through a lot of media formats already: vinyl, 8 track, cassettes, CD’s, digital audio tape (DAT), minidisc, and now mpegs.

I have many memories of listening to a favorite song in my car on cassette, and patiently waiting while it rewound so I could hear it again. If it was really good, I’d play the tape until it was history, all stretched out and lunch for the player. I still remember the very first time I heard a CD played on the radio. The DJ made a huge deal about it, and digital music became part of our lives. In the early 80’s, those CD’s cost $20 and up. At the time, I couldn’t imagine anyone ponying up with that kind of money.

Now instead of buying an entire CD for one song, I can buy the songs I chose, a single at a time, on Itunes. Artists are working harder for the money, because each song has to impress to sell. It’s a great era in music, and still quickly changing. These are a few artists that are “entire download” worthy, and have become part of my soundtrack for 2007.