Happy Birthday, Caroline! You're my hero!

So much so, in fact, that I LIFTED THIS LAYOUT to make you a birthday card!

Have a great one!

Smile Smile Smile

All Designer Digitals
Papers: Anna Aspnes, Raising Dots Paperie & Jen Adams Donnelly, Science Matters kit
Brushes: Anna Aspnes, Hipster Plumes No. 13 BrushSet & Katie Pertiet, Ledger Grids brushes-n-stamps
Frames: Katie Pertiet, Filed Photo Frames
Photos: Katie Pertiet, Vintage Lady 15
Chipboard: Katie Pertiet, Chipboard Blanks
Flower: Leora Sanford, Dressed Up Blooms
Buttons: Leora Sanford, Flower Buttons
Labels: Kellie Mize, Web Freebie 10-01-06
Font: Love Letter Typewriter