I was very happy when I saw those swatches, as a paper scrapper I always thought about using them as a frame... there you go Smile


Our first time in Perisher Blue with the kids was almost perfect. We decided to show Ricardo and Christina the snow and take the opportunity to take the kids for the first time too. We could not wait to see them playing in the snow. We hired pants and boots for the adults and an outfit for each of the kids. We bought cute gloves for Lucas and Mateus too. We drove for three hours, had lunch at Baccos, and then headed to the ski fields.
We had to jump a little stream from the melting ice to get to there, so some of us got our feet wet then.
Mateus could not stop talking about the snowman he was going to build, so, even though the snow was very hard we managed to build a snowman from leftover snowballs people left from the morning playtime.
Mateus was so excited, he had the greatest time going down the hill in the little sledge. Everyone took turns on taking him down.
The only problem was Lucas, who after being hot the whole way from Canberra, was not happy to finally be cold. He was also very tired. So, unfortunately, Lucas didnít get to play in the snow at all, Alex and I had to take turns with him back at the car. It was still a great day out.

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