Savanna and I made this for Joe for Father's Day. It was so fun to hear her thoughts on her daddy! Smile

A six-year-old's essay entitled "My Dad" by Savanna Summer Wuest
Hes good. He doesnt hurt people. He takes me to town. He does puppets in the bathroom. He calls me Cub. He works. He takes me to the track. Hes a football player. He takes me to Hutch (a lot). He came to my school and gave out popcicles. He plays basketball with me. He bangs his head on the wall to make me laugh. He calls me Summer. He took me on my zoo fieldtrip. Hes my dad forever. He was made that way by Jesus.

Further explanation:
"He does puppets in the bathroom" - When the kids are in the bathtub, he takes stuffed animals and makes them dance up and down the doorway.
"He bangs his head on the wall" - Skyler did this when he was little. Joe does it to make fun of him and the kids laugh like crazy.
"He takes me to Hutch" - They have an indoor water park.

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