katie's neutrality pack
font: ss mono
sunprint brushes: katie pertiet

As Iíve worked on this time capsule scrapbook, somehow, Iíve always pictured us lingering over the pages twenty years from now. On one hand, that seems so long from now. But Iím wise enough to know how fast it will go.

In 20 years, dad will be 62, Iíll be 58, and you will be (gasp) 24. By then, I hope dad and I will be contemplating retirement, or at least ready to enjoy the next phase of our lives. Maybe weíll own a second home in the mountains, or be ready to travel more. And donít take this wrong, but your dad and I will be enjoying our time together again.

And you? My hope is that youíll have your undergrad behind you (and maybe grad school too!). Youíll be articulate and secure. A little bruised from your early lessons of adulthood perhaps, but confident in who you are, never waivering from standing up for what is right. I hope youíll enter the workforce competitive and ready to show your boss a strong work ethic.

Maybe there will be a serious girlfriend in your life. And if not, youíre sure to attract special people just by being yourself.

Life will lead you in many directions. People make things complicated sometimes, but in the end, there are just a few simple things that will carry you: Never waiver in your faith. Itís your very foundation. Always be true to yourself, and stand by what you know to be true. Donít let anyone ever dictate who they think you should be. Ever. Donít be afraid to ask for advice. And most importantly, when you find the right person, love big. And remember, when you need us, you can always come home (not literally of course.)