The photograph is of my grandmother, her sister and their niece at a family reunion in Birmingham in1934 just after the worst of the Great Depression. The little recipe booklet is from my grandmotherís house was printed in 1934 . . . she evidently used the coconut cake recipe quiet a lot from the looks of the spills on that page.

The words to the little song on the cover of this little baking powder recipe booklet published in 1934 go like this:
Happy times are here again
Weíll never bake things queer again
Letís have cake
The men will cheer again
Happy times --- are --- here --- again!

The back cover says ďTimes are more sunny
Ma has more money
Eggs still come from a hen
Calumetís itchiní
To get in your kitchen
Letís all eat high again!

Naturally Krafty Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet
Apron Strings Kit by Leora Sanford
Swirl (used to cut the paper) from Apron Strings Kit
Birdsong Kit (paper clip & dirty note) by Katie Pertiet
Chunky Chipboard Red Alpha by Katie Pertiet
Overlay is from the music on the booklet front.
Fonts are Susieís Hand and Texas Hero.