I just whipped up this layout in about 45 minutes (and that INCLUDES photo touch up!)

This is my first time to work with one of Jessica Sprague's Walk-Through Tutorials, and I have to say that I am HIGHLY impressed. She does a fantastic job of taking you through the process step-by-step, and she's not kidding when she says there's a "beautiful PDF" to guide you through making the layout.

I use CS3, and her instructions were perfect. She gives instructions for PSE 3, 4, & 5 and also notes any differences for CS/CS2/CS3. Very, very professionally done. Bravo, Jessica!

"Just look at my two boys. Jeffry at age 2 and Jack at age 3 - both with style unrivaled. You girls can keep your Easter bonnets. My guys have much more of a statement to make when the holidays roll around."

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