I just had to scrap these not-so-good Derek's dad took one day at the zoo... a school project for Derek, but he was required to take photos with the animals to prove he was at the zoo doing his project! Smile So dad attempted to help out but he's not the best (or most patient!) photographer!

Of course... as it turns out, these pics were perfect for the May 18th DW Challenge: Sometimes imperfect photos create the best mood for your page. Smile

These photos crack me up! Rick took Derek
to the Santa Ana Zoo for a school project. Part of
Derek’s project was to have photos of himself
WITH animals! Rick’s not a great photographer but
I just love the funny shots he got:
Derek nervously peeking over his shoulder, a bird
on Derek’s head (no, it just appears that
way!), a swan ready to bite (not really!)... yep.
These photos crack me up!

Paper, Background (Katie Pertiet "Sea Salt Paper pack ")
Paper, Cardboard (Katie Pertiet "Doodled Daydreams kit ")
Alpha (Lynn Grieveson "Chippy Alphas and Bonus Phrases ")
Template (Kellie Mize "Tortuga Template No 15 ")
Stickers (Mindy Terasawa "Jungle Gym Stickers ")
Drop Shadow (Katie Pertiet "Drop Shadow Action Set ")
Brad (me!)

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi