EDIT: I just changed the Desperate housewifes picture because it was too white :P

We haven't watched much TV lately. Alex is playing World of Warcraft every night and I am enjoying my new passion - Scrapbooking.
However, there are some favourites that still manages to drag us in front of the TV. Those include: House, Smallville, Lost,
Desperate Housewifes and Grey's Anatomy. Ok, maybe I am the only one that watches the last two. During the day, the TV is on
ABC 1 and 2 the whole time. At the moment Mateus is watching: Rubber Dubbers, Dougie (sticker album), Poko, Sesame Street,
Save-Ums, Playschool, Wiggles, Pokoyo, Cat in a Hat and a lot of little short animations, that is just to name a few.

Blueline Botanical kit by Katie Pertiet.
Curled Paper Edges by Anna Aspnes.
Font is Susie's hand.