We were on a low carb diet and Lena must have heard that word a lot.
Now I was cooking and seasoning the food
and she said "Mama, heisst wuerzen auf english low carb?" (mom, does seasoning ("wuerzen")
mean low carb in english?"
Leora Sanford
Sundae Festival Kit
- we are speaking german at home
and she keeps mixing up the languages,
so I don't know if this is funny to you Wink
Katie Pertiet:
Messy Stitching, Dirty Journaler Labels,
Botanist #7 Buttons, Botanist #14 Tape,
Flossy Stitches, Countdown, Touch up Paint,
Filed Photo Frames (coming sunday)
Lynn Grieveson:
Chippy Alpha (coming sunday)
Anna Aspnes:
Esther Alpha, Summer SoNo Staple, Kraft Curled Edges, Vintage Evergreen OverlayWorkHardPlayHard Splotches
Donna Docherty:
Beauty Overlay
Pattie Knox HardWare Hodge Podge
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