OK... another one for Myra's "Write Now" challenge AND for my book! This is our house... Smile

(Sorry, I "whited out" the addy... not that I don't trust y'all! Smile)
Our home since November 1993... one month before Shannon was born. We were so fortunate to find this house at such a reasonable cost. Although itís not
my dream house (it has a somewhat
quirky layout inside and itís a tad on the small side (less than 2,000 SF), itís
got a fantastic yard and we have a corner lot! My very favorite thing in the yard is that beauti- ful blooming bush in the side yard. I still donít know what type of plant it is, but I do know itís gorgeous! And, it has faithfully bloomed 5 or 6 times each year. And, it always makes me SMILE.
(journaling 5/07)

Paper (Katie Pertiet Naturally Krafty paper pack )
Alpha (Katie Pertiet White Sticker alpha )
Staples (Katie Pertiet Seaside kit )
Template (Pattie Knox "FreeByte 9/20/06")

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi