I took the title of this from one of Katie's stamps ... it kind of felt right Wink In the last week Ethan has started to call Zack by name and this photo captures the friend ship that is starting to develop! I was kind of inspired by Cassie's last post ... this is really minimalist for me, but the photo is very special, so I didn't want to detract from it.

Anna Aspnes : Papers from Esme kit and Artistique page set
; Hipster Plumes; Scanty Journal Kardz

Katie Pertiet : Paper Flowers #2 ; Lil Black Bits Alpha ; Little Bits Alphabet ; Clock Parts ; Digital Poetry ; Ticketed No 02 Brushes-n-stamps .
(also staples and pinned tag)

Leora Sanford : Denim Appliques

As always, thanks for looking, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!