Some photo of our two little grandaughters from March of this year getting to know each other.

I am playing with my new little cousin Cassie . . . I have six cousins today at Monnie & Papa’s house. I love little Cassie . . . she is my only little girl cousin . . . I have five boy cousins. My boy cousins are lots of fun too, but I just like it that we now have another girl in our family! I think that Cassie and I will be very good friends. I will teach her how to paint and how to use crayons too. I can show her how to play with baby dolls and to put their dresses on them. It will be fun to play dolls with Cassie. It is fun now to hold her and kiss her. I can really make her laugh and smile alot too! I think she loves me so much.

Red & aqua papers and flowers from Re-Jenerate .. Remember Kit by Jen Wilson
Yellow paper from Dana Zarling’s Vintage Garden Kit
Fonts are Sylfaen and TXT Groovy Smooth