Jumpstart challenge 16, who inspires me? My mom!
Journaling translation:
This woman is my hero.
She had to leave her little baby girl at home so she could work (and today I know how that hurts)
She managed to study while raising three children.
She obtained financial stability even when everything conspired for the opposite.
She fought and worked hard so her kids would have everything they needed.
She persevered and succeeded in life, being recognized by her competence and professionalism.
She surrenders her own happiness to ensure the happiness of her children.
She is an example of honesty and humanity. Always caring and considerate of those less fortunate.
She can do anything to be close to those that need her, and thank God she manages.
She never failed me.
She was there on the most important moments of my life.
She is my inspiration to be a better mom, wife… person.
This woman… is my mom.

Credits (All DD)
Orchid Row kit by Katie Pertiet.
Vintage frames by Katie Pertiet.
Little bits Alpha by Katie Pertiet.
All Bunched up ribbons by Katie Pertiet.
Curled Paper Edges by Anna Aspnes (went nuts with that one LOL)
Fonts are Porcelain and Pristina (jornaling).

Thanks for having a look Smile

EDIT: LOL I left the Portuguese version at first, sorry Smile