I am having trouble getting a smile from this little one lately.. I guess he spoiled me too much till now!
Journaling (on the newspaper clip):
I thought the terrible two's were a difficult period to deal with your temper.
I guess I was wrong. You just developed a strong personality and I donít think
things will be that easy for me anymore. You know exactly what you want,
including when and where you will give a smile to the camera.
You used to just try your best to do whatever we asked, now,
your usual answer to bedtime, meal times, putting away your toys and
leaving places is a sulking "but I donít want it"
**Newspaper generator
**Lynn Grieveson's papers from the Catalina kit
**Tiff Brady's star from the In memory of Miles' kit.
***Katie Pertiet:
Stitching, staples, grunge border, Curled Frame Ad Freebie, Blank Safety tag, Bold Statement Brushs and Stamps, All Bunched ribbon strip and paper reveals.
Font is Shortcut.