for last week's web challenge Smile i loooove yellow so i was happy to see this! lol.

i just used the blurb from the colorstrology site for my jouraling - Energizing and stimulating. This is a color filled with radiance and light. Aspen Gold has the ability to lift our spirits and bring sunshine into our lives. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves through the heavens during the month of June. Yellow is known for stimulating the brain and increasing intelligence and mental agility. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Aspen Gold connects us to joy and is known for increasing our memory and communication skills.

Credits - (all designer digitals)
PP - Leora Sanford (Apron Strings kit - background paper is recolored), Anna Aspenes (MonoBlends Sol papers)
Frame - Katie Pertiet (Vintage Photo Frames 2)
Flower brushes - Art Warehouse (Funky Flowers)
Felt Alpha - Pattie Knox (Be min alpha, Coffee and Cream alpha.
Canvas - Leora Sanford (Canvas Essentials)
Journaling block - Anna Aspenes (Torn, Distressed & In the Buff Tag & Border set)
Flourish - Leora Sanford (Glitter Flourish)
Tab brushes - Katie Pertiet (Photo File brushes)
Sparkle brushes - Anna Aspenes (Magic Sparkles 2)
Fonts - SP Wonderful Wendy, Impact.

TFL! Smile