Pattie... LOVED the Web Challenge this week! Colorstrology is so fun! And, it wasn't too difficult for me to use Bud Green and Henna (my colors!) on a layout! Wink I used Cassie's little trick posted on the boards to "pick" my colors right off the Pantone website and import them to PSE. I then recolored (only slightly, believe it or not!) Anna's papers!

(Sorry it's not the best photo... Derek took it of me on a very windy day on our Spring Break vacation! And, I think I need new --read that: more hip!-- sunglasses!)

*ETA* Why didn't someone tell me I forgot to add the journaling? *sheepish grin* (the day after... sigh...)

JOURNALING says that “me” is Bud Green and Henna.
Rejuvenating and prosperous. Committed, dependable and driven.
Not sure about the rejuvenating or prosperous part
(I’m not getting younger --haha-- and I’m sure not rich!),
but I am dependable and committed and sometimes even driven!
And, I admit that I really do like my Colorstrolgoy colors.
Just look through my scrapbooks... you’ll see more than one layout
with these colors on it! Coincidental? Or just “me”?

Paper (Anna Aspnes “Monoblendz” MonoBlendz Paper Collection-Kakao
and MonoBlendz Paperie-Lima )
Butterfly Brush, Staples (Leora Sanford “City Chic Elements” coming sunday!)
File Label (Jackie Eckles Altered Labels No 02 )
Painted Frame (Katie Pertiet Dried Brush Frames [Square] Brushes-n-stamps )

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi