Yes, I know I've used this photo before and I promise this will be the last time... but look what Sam Ellis did to the pic! She actually made me look YOUNG! So, of course, in a hundred years when people look thru my scrapbooks, THIS is how they will see me! LOL

i know... i know... i’ve used this
photo before, but i had to use
it one more time! ‘cuz look what
sam did to it... she actually
made me look pretty... & young!

Paper (Lynn Grieveson “Watercolour Wonder” coming Sunday 4/22/07)
Trim (Leora Sanford “Neutral Trims” coming Sunday 4/22/07)
Journal Card (Anna Aspnes "Scanty Journal Kardz Blonde" coming sunday 4/22/07)
Flower (Lynn Grieveson Notable Blooms
Twill, Buttons (Lynn Grieveson Tequila Sorbet kit )
Brush Frame (Katie Pertiet Ledger Frames No 02 Brushes-n-stamps )

Font (Kelly Purkey ”Pretty Purkey” at

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi