I did this for the how much is too much blog challenge. It's kind of a use your stash challenge but I did it digitally. The challenge was to use:

One Word Title
Hand journaling
Background can not be square or rectangle ;-) (hint: circle, star, or any other shape you can think of, etc.)
3 Stamped Images
3 B&W Photos
3 Accents (whatever you want it to be)

I used Pattie's Round-a-bout-felt (coming Sunday),
Katie's Ledger Sun Print Paper pack,
Pattie's It's black and white felt alpha,
Art Warehouse Scrollies No. 01 Brushes-n-stamps
Katie's Storyboard Negatives
Pattie's Text Byte Template No 1.

Thanks to Cassie for helping me figure out how to do a circular layout!!