A LO from the hotel at Mount Kenya.

Journaling reads:

"When we got back to our room after lunch, something was wrong!
Our smaller bags were open and everything was in a mess...
Leif thought I had been in a hurry and left it like that, but I swore it wasn't me!
Then we discovered that the window-panes were tilted!
A monkey had managed to get in looking for food...
But since we didn't have anything edible, it left the same way it came!

This scoundrel was right outside and is a prime suspect..."


Frames are one of Katie Pertiet's Challenge Freebies

Background from ScrapGirls' "Blossom Collection"
Alpha is from Brandy Hackman's "Spiced Cider Collection"
Staples are from Keri Schueller's "Love Letters"

Font is Pica10