Just some thoughts about how lucky were are to have traveled in the past... our cancelled plans... and how we will travel again, in the future.
I have to say, I LOVE these templates! TFL

Edited to Add: Most photos are mine, some are from the internet...places where I don't have digital photos.

We have been very lucky to have traveled to and experienced many beautiful places and cultures, all over the world. Many of the places, Richard and I have been to, together, some we traveled to on our own, and some the boys were lucky enough to experience with us.
We didnít have any big travel plans this year, some day trips and concerts booked... but with the Covid-19 lockdown, plans are being cancelled one by one. Some I am disappointed about, some I know will be rebooked.
With the time I have right now, I am going through some old photos, and I am thinking how very blessed we are to have done as much traveling as we have. So although the farthest we are going right now, is the grocery store across town... I know, we will travel again. Until then, I will sort through the pictures and relive some of these wonderful trips from the photos and memories!

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