Thanks for the freebie... and challenge!
So thankful for this wonderful hobby and distraction!

Following the announcement of the the closure of all schools, for the 2 weeks following March Break, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, on March 12th, Dr. Nixon messaged all the girls, on Sunday, to let us know the office would be closed until further notice. So when I recieved a message from Maria, at Dr. Parkís office, saying they were having a manatory meeting on Monday morning at 7:30am, I already knew what was coming.... indefinite layoff...
Which came along with the realization, that we would have no source of income coming in.... bills will start piling up... uncertainty.... anxiety.... apprehension & concern.
As I was driving to work about 7am, I was greeted with this low hanging moon in the sky, right dead in front of me & as I got to work, I turned to look behind me, I saw this stunning orange, pink & purple sunrise, that took my breath away. I stood for a moment, taking in the scene, & was overcome by an odd sense of calm, & the feeling, that everything was going to be okay!
These are unpresedented times, alot of people are in the same boat, & we are in this together... So we just need to breathe, focus on one day at a time, the fact that we are healthy & count our blessings!!

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