Sorry, don't mean to be full of doom and gloom, but like MaggieMae, I just wanted to document this unprecedented time in our lives right now. None of us have ever experienced anything like this surreal!

Even a week ago... it didn't seem like such a 'big deal'...
Then a few days later, they announced the closure of all public schools, (for 2 weeks, but we anticipate longer), college and university classes were cancelled and quickly moved to online. (no exams are to be written in person)
My son in University, asked on Saturday, when we would pick him up... I told him dad and I had to work, to hold tight and would be there this weekend.
Then Sunday, all hell broke loose. The College of Dental Surgeons closed all dental offices, (citing we are at highest risk of all healthcare workers, due to method of transmission and our use of aerosols)... the schools asked students to isolate themselves and move out of dorms, as soon as possible... restaurant's and bars were asked to remove seating and accommodate people for take out only...and as the week has progressed, the government has issued all Canadian residents to return home, before it is not possible... they have restricted/cancelled all non-essential international flights and travel and the Premier of Ontario just declared a state of emergency. Company's are halting production and laying workers off in droves...People are panic buying... toilet paper (of all things) as well as canned goods, meat, pasta and frozen vegetables. They are telling people to 'stay at home/indoors', work from home if possible, and limit contact with other people as much as possible. They have now closed the borders between Canada and the US, allowing only healthcare workers and trade vehicles across. Traffic on major highways is drastically reduced and cities are ghost towns.
It is such a strange time.... but together, we will get through it and hopefully come out stronger and wiser on the other end!
Hope everyone stays healthy!!

We have been glued to the TV, as policies change daily/hourly and I took some photos of the headlines today.

Just realized I spelled panicked wrong... it was late... will change my copy. TFL

Credits to come.... All DD