Journaling: March 2020 is doll month at Woods Avenue. I plan to concentrate on getting photos of all the dolls outfits and getting them put away with some sense of logic so I can find what I am looking for when I need it. The dolls go with me here and there for photo shoots – they really do look better outside and if I’m traveling by car – it’s pretty much just an extra suitcase – at least that’s what I tell my self – the last trip it was 3 suitcases to my one. Need to think about that before the next trip to Daytona Beach! When I see the little 4 x 6 cards – I can’t help to remember the ice cream cart in Orlando and the Cabana hotel. The dolls in DC in the rain with the cherry blossoms or most recently Will being a knight and playing wizard chess outside…
I really need to think about how to make this a bit faster otherwise it might take the rest of 2020 to finish the project …

I did something similar for basket month and I wanted a page for doll month. I got the scattered picture template a week or so ago when it came out and I had no idea what to use in the background – this challenge solved the problem – Shannamay posted a page – and I added what she used to my cart – I love the quarterly sale. This time it was inspirtation and not a CASE… Now what to do for the 2nd template challenge????? Off to the gallery for inspiration lol the baskets aren’t done yet … it’s still February!!!

The crop 1 template and the crop 2 template (for an extra splash of yellow)
inspired by Shannamay's page
 Layer Works No. 1237
Artsy Blend Layers Botanicals No. 10
ARToption Mini Mix No. 07
Scattered Pictured Layered Template No. 02
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 04
Curated Team Scrapbook Mix No. 07