Speedbyte 36: Pattie Knox
Papers: Teen Closet, Teen Closet Boys Leora Sanford
Chunky canvas alpha: Katie Pertiet

Every childhood has major milestones. Jake’s first smile, word, and step, are all moments I’ve treasured. But the day Jake rode “on two wheels” is one of my favorites.

We knew Jake was ready, but he wasn’t convinced at first. “Is it ok to fall mom?” Such an innocent question on the surface, but it sure seemed loaded with meaning when spoken to a mom. “Absolutely Jake,” I told him. “Everybody falls.” And with trusting eyes, he asked, “you just get back up, right?” I replied, “yep, you just get back on and ride.” With that reassurance, he decided to give it a try.

Michael pushed him first, giving him a running start. He was a little wobbly, but seemed to catch his balance pretty quickly. When Michael was winded, it was my turn to push and run. I’ll never forget taking my hand off the seat and running beside Jake as he suddenly realized he was riding on his own. In just six pushes, my little boy, just four years old, was riding his bicycle on two wheels!