On the day you turned one, you started to get sick with a cold and an eye infection. You had just started daycare a few days before. Grandma left to go to Europe for a month. A few days later you were up all night crying with a fever, so I took you to the pediatrician to see if you had an ear infection, but she diagnosed you with pneumonia. Your oxygen was low and you had to get steroid and antibiotic shots, and a chest x-ray. The next day I took you to the ER for more treatments and they gave you the diagnoses of bronchiolitis and atelectasis as well as possible pneumonia. You got better with antibiotics and the following week returned to daycare. A few days later, you had a fever again, still while on medication. We took you to urgent care where you were diagnosed with an ear infection, and tested positive for flu, adenovirus and rhinovirus. They also did another chest x-ray. You had to have 3 days of antibiotic shots. You got better and returned once again to daycare. Three days later you developed a fever again, this time with trouble breathing. We took you to urgent care, where your oxygen was low. They gave you nebulizer treatments, and had you transferred to the ER by ambulance, putting in an IV. You got better with more treatments in the ER and the decision was made to send you home. However, you worsened throughout the day and so I took you back, and this time your O2 was between 88 and 92 even with multiple treatments and steroids. They took two more X-Rays and diagnosed you with pneumonia and RSV bronchiolitis. Flu and adenovirus also still tested positive. They thought you could possibly have asthma as well. They put a high-flow oxygen device on you (that you pulled out several times), an IV, and admitted you to the Pediatric ICU at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami on October 7, 2019. You improved over the next few days on IV antibiotics and they downgraded you to a regular nasal cannula and transitioned you out of the ICU. You came home on the 11th and soon were back to your happy, sweet self. Grandma came home on the 15th and so we were able to keep you out of daycare.

4th Quarter Crop Template #2
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