I challenge you to try this challenge! I'm not typical a very emotional person and I find it difficult to express my feelings. This was so very good for me!


Dear Dad,

Your struggle with mental illness is real. You’ve had your ups and downs over the years, and 2014 brought one of your hardest battles. We almost lost you. You pulled through, with your constant prayers and surrounded with support from your family, your church, and medical professionals. You were so anxious that you could only sleep sitting up, and so down that you never once had the energy to practice our father-daughter dance for the wedding. For a time we didn’t think you’d be able to get on a plane to go to Mexico.

The anticipation of the wedding was a hidden stress to you, I believe, but the day itself was healing. You smiled for every photo and walked me down the aisle with pride. You and mom looked your very best that day. However, it was our dance where you pulled out all the stops. You twirled and whirled and whisked and wowed me as we moved to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. I’m pretty sure I cried happy tears through the whole thing. The audience of guests clapped ecstatically and Mom and Rich came over for a joyful celebratory hug afterwards. We knew just how hard it had been for you and took a moment to praise God for bringing you through such a tough time.

I love you, Dad, and I know you have always loved me too. Thank you for being there for me on my most special day. I hope I always make you proud like you made me in that moment.

Love always,
Your daughter


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