My take on this week's SSL. We got all caught up in the Irish Football championship game excitement while we were in Ireland. I was quite surprised to learn that it is very different than soccer--kind of a combination of soccer, American football, rugby and basketball all rolled into one.

Journaling-All of County Kerry was abuzz the week we were in Ireland. The All-Ireland Football Final, which is the Irish equivalent to our Super Bowl, was going to take place on Saturday night. Kerry was in the finals to play Dublin. They had met two weeks earlier and the game had ended in a draw so they needed to have a rematch to settle the championship. Every town, business, school, and home was flying their Kerry flags everywhere we went. Occasionally we would see a blue Dublin flag. Our tour guides got us excited about the game and Carl Simmons even bought a jersey. Amanda and her daughter were so excited to get tickets to the game from Dan’s nephew. We missed the first half but heard it on the bus radio then watched the second half at our hotel. Sadly, Dublin made history by winning for the fifth time in a row-Dublin 1-18 to Kerry’s 0-15.

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