I met Alisa, Jamie's mom, at a baby class over two years ago. She's become my closest friend since then - we are both from the northeast but moved to Miami for our husband's jobs and both had a tough time getting jobs for a while, even though we both have Master's degrees and experience. We've been to each other's kids birthday parties and helped each other move within the city. I don't really have any pics of us together but here our kids at Jamie's birthday party!

Personally I love layer works templates for putting together a quick page of those everyday photos that I just want to get scrapped and done! If the colors don't work well, I just make the photos black and white, like I did here, or I make simple changes to the layer works template.


Layer Works No. 1154
Cameron Essentials Paper Pack
Cedar Crest Paper Pack
Cedar Crest Solids Paper Pack
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 02