Second August Template Mashup Challenge

One sure stop I wanted to make while visiting Vermont was a Sugar house to get my Maple-on. I absolutely love Maple sugar candy, or just about anything Maple flavored. We found this sugar house that was perfect. We learned things about Maple syrup that we never knew. It was fun sampling the different levels of maple syrups. When we were ready to leave the cashier said we could get a free complimentary soft serve ice cream for shopping there. Let me tell you that was the best maple soft serve ice cream ever, it was made with the fresh syrup processed in the sugar house everything we bought was fresh and yummmmmy !! After having syrup from here I won’t be going back to store bought. I picked up a small recipe book there to, it has some good recipes I am planning on trying as well.

Sweet Life Layered Template No. 01
Blendables Layered Template No. 59
Lightly Linens Paper Pack No. 01