When my boys were younger, I was told that a mother should not try to put her own aspirations for her children upon them. I didnít quite understand the admonition at the time, but now that they are older, it is making more sense. Iím not sure I totally succeeded, but I did my best and I do know that I am very proud of the men that these two have become. Each is taking his own path in life. They are not the paths that I would have chosen for them, but it is quite gratifying to watch the journey.
Stephen, fresh back from his first year of college, has decided not to return. His expectations for life met reality and it was not a pleasant meeting. Right now, he needs the security of home to figure out his next steps. I am forever grateful that I am able to provide that stable, secure place for him.
Michael is pressing onward toward his goal of becoming a paramedic. Itís been an exhausting year for him. But, he has kept his eye on his goal, working steadily, and it is paying off. Again, I am grateful that I am here to provide a safe home for him so that he can focus on his dreams.
There is nothing quite so wonderful,or terrifying, as watching your children succeed and fail, grow and blossom. I am beyond proud of the honest, hard-working men that they have become.
July 4, 2019

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