so I've scrapbooked these photos before, but now I'm trying to do a better job of documenting the stories!

journaling reads:
1165 Park Avenue
New York City

I donít know for sure how long my grandmother, Mary Alice, lived here before she was married in 1937,
but records show this as her home of residence in 1935

At age 22 I was living with my boyfriend [who became my ex-husband) in the suburbs of Chicago.
I canít imagine what it was like living on Park Avenue in the 1930s. Thinking of the hustle and bustle
of a city but still in the midst of the depression. Her father, at that time, had moved on from
president of Yellow Taxi Company to the president of the 34th Street Ferry Line.

We had gathered many of my grandmotherís addresses for a day trip up into New York City to walk in her
footsteps a bit and get a glimpse into what her life might have been like.

This address is where we were most warmly welcomed by the doorman when we explained our mission.
He showed us the lobby and explained that it would have been very similar to how it looked today and
even the elevator doors were original. We know they attended St. patrickís Cathedral for weekly mass
as thatís where my grand parents were married and I can just imagine heading down there via Park Avenue
filled with cars like the image on the left of Park + 57th in 1930

Searching this address it is known as Carnegie Hill. Built in 1926, so it was new when they lived there.
A 3-bedroom apartment goes for 4.5million and is about 2800sq feet and the association dues are 5k/month
I can only imagine what it was like in thee 20s and 30s

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