I couldn't wait to use this Studio DD template, I had the perfect photograph and story I wanted to scrap.

Studio Double-D
Layer Works No. 1113 **coming soon** (it's a fab one!!)

Katie Pertiet:
ARToptions Ledger Paper Pack No. 01
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 05

Font: Another Typewriter

Coming into the house all innocent like we weren't going to notice the dirt on the end of your nose. You acted all indignant, then sulky, that the jig was up. Been adding some treats to the stash in the backyard we know you've been burying, waiting for Dogaggedon. You're our little Doomsday Dog Prepper. Mind you it took a little bit to stifle our giggles, we had to look away. You just looked so innocent.