For the past six months, I have been taking several online photography classes. My favorite one so far is A Year With My Camera, by Emma Davies. Itís a free course - she sends one lesson per week via email - but one can purchase her workbook on Amazon and work at a faster speed. I did buy the workbook and read the entire thing in a day, but one lesson a week really helps me internalize the lessons. I now understand all the camera settings: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, metering. So far so good; now Iím working on the mystifying concept of composition! For the next four weeks, I will be taking photos of foreground, background and subject, using the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Triangle, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral - OY!. This photo is one I put together of spices (I love food photography) and I made the spice in the foreground my subject. I may actually get the hang of it! June 1, 2019

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