I loved Debi's page and had started a page to join in the scrap lift, but my computer had other plans, so here it is.

It happened.... in a split second....
I took my eyes off the road to reach down to get my sunglasses, & I looked up to see the vehicle in front of me stopped... dead!
We have had a brutal end of winter driving season, with freezing rain, ice pellets and TONS of snow... all that I had driven in with no incidents, but on the first sunny, dry day, I let my guard down, and this is what happens...
I wasnít driving the usual speed of 110-120, on the QEW, as it was morning rush hour traffic, but I was going fast enough, that it made it very difficult to come to a dead stop that quickly. I was the 4th of a chain reaction, and I was afraid the big truck behind me was going to rear end me, so I eased up on the brakes, and ploughed into the vehicle in front of me. No one was charged, but my car had the most damage, and was a write off. It took the insurance company almost a month to settle, and another couple of weeks for me to get a new car. I was informed I had mild whiplash and was allowed an allowance for physio and massage, to deal with the headaches and sore muscles. At least thatís all it was, it could have been so much worse. It was a good lesson, for me as well as the boys... Pay attention! It only takes a split second!....


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