Keeping it real, my friends! It has been a week.... Wink Throw into the mix EVERYONE was sick and I'm ready for the weekend!

I hope everyone has had a great week! Smile

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Font: Traveling Typewriter
Journaling: When the going gets tough the tough gets going! Isnít that how the saying goes? Monday I spent five hours at XXXX seeing a Rheumatologist (two, actually!) and having x-rays and blood tests. It looks like we have finally found some missing pieces to the puzzle. Emphasis there on the plural - Ďpiecesí. I donít know what I was expecting to be honest. I know I was hoping it was something that could be easily fixed. I was hoping the pain was temporary. I wasnít entirely lucky on that front. Osteoarthritis in my hands and knees, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and gluteal tendinopathy (that oneís a job for the physio). Iím on a waiting list for nerve conduction tests and they took half my blood (well, 11 vials) to test for a whole bunch of other stuff as well. They were not kidding when they said my issues were Ďmulti-facetedí. Even though there are finally some answers it has all left me a little...well... píed off at myself. My first thought was wondering if any of this could have been avoided if I had not spent the majority of my teens and adult life (to date) overweight? Obese. Yes, I lost that weight and I have kept it off for almost 4 years now. But I canít help but wonder if I left things too little too late on the health front. I know how ridiculous that sounds. And the minute I think it I follow up with reminding myself how much worse it would all be right now if I was still carrying an extra 50kg. I am my biggest critic, thatís for damn sure. But what can you do? I canít change anything right now. So we make the most of what we have. Iíve just gotta work with what Iíve got. And work I have been. In the midst of the pain and fatigue I gave a big middle finger to this weekís diagnosis. I leg pressed 360kg. I got 100kg deadlifts. I chest pressed 30kg dumbbells. I got 89kg lat pull downs. I proved to myself that I am stronger and tougher than I give myself credit for. I proved that nothing can stop me until I let it. And I went on kicking butt. My own butt, that is. And sometimes thatís needed!