Journaling : For several years Mom & I had a tradition of our own. There once was a place in North Stonington, CT called Raspberry Juction it was a store that was made up of all types of Crafters. They all lease an area in the store to display their wonderful crafts for purchase. It became a favorite place for Mom and I to shop. So because her Birthday was April 30th and Momís Day was a few weeks later we would go to Raseberry Jct. in between the dates and shop, I would tell her anything she wanted I would get it for her. She loved her primitive dolls, I personally thought they were a little creepy and when I would tell her that she would go on about the details of the doll and we would both look at each other and laugh. I still remember the expression on her face during those fun moments and canít help but smile. This place was loaded with so many nice crafters we enjoyed taking our time and exploring and would always leave with a bunch of goodies. Then off to a leisurely lunch . Days I will never forget with my Mom.