How do I turn this thing on? This was the question that my 22-year-old son yelled out to me the other evening. When I came to help him, I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into laughter.

I had to snap a photo of the label maker and send it to his father so that HE could feel as old as I felt at that moment. And his response? “I didn’t know they still made those.”
Thanks, James.

It can be fun to look at the things that have changed over the years. Of course, after I snapped this photo, my other son (the 19-year-old) came downstairs and said, “That’s cool - how does it work?” We spent a fun 10 minutes making labels that the boys then proceeded to put on each other’s backs accompanied by much laughter and hollering.
As much as some things change, other things just don’t.
April 29, 2019
Tampa, Florida

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