Journaling reads: So we started the next day with a Mt. Everest Fly by on Buddha Air. I was very excited to see the Himalayas up close and even more excited to see Mt. is always chancy if we would see it because of the weather. We got lucky!
We boarded the plane after some confusion as to which flight we were on. Our guide got us the tickets and sent us into the airport with instructions on where to go. We were put on a Buddha Air flight instead of a Yeti flight like I had requested - after doing much research! I figured it probably did not matter and it all came down to luck and the mood of the pilot that day. We sat on opposite sides of the plane in order to see more sights and perhaps catch different views. The Himalayas were spectacular! I have seen the Alps from the air but the Himalayas were so much more rugged and stark. We each had a chance to go up to the cockpit and take photos of Mt. Everest... Mike got great shots!

The QR code is a link to a video my husband took...if you have a code reader on your phone you can see it too. It's not great but it is a way to integrate some of the videos he took along the way.

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