A companion page for the 30MM from last weekend. I wanted to be sure to capture the story of the day as well as a few more photos. :-)

Journaling (page 2)

The boys and I had never been to the new Museum of History and Industry (also known as MOHAI), and it's filled with fascinating stuff, so I suggested we head down there one rainy Sunday. We loved the amazing "Sea to Sky" sculpture in the 4-story atrium, made from an 1897 ship called the Wawona. It has barnacle-like knobs all over it, and it pokes down into the water (and sways with the waves) where it will continue to decay over time. You can walk inside and look up at the patterned levels and weathered wood. Very cool experience. We also checked out the Seattle Fire and Boeing planes exhibits, along with old artifacts ranging from typewriters and slot machines to a display of old Microsoft software and computers. Outside there's a collection of old boats to admire. Unfortunately, as we started to look around inside, Niall got into a big tweak about something and spent a good part of the rest of the visit sitting on a bench in the atrium. But Cory and I thoroughly enjoyed roaming around and checking out whatever caught our eye. We stopped for a lunch break and rested up a bit. Museum exploration is fun but tiring! Such a rich heritage and variety of displays. There are travelling exhibits as well as permanent installations, and lots more to see when we come back another day.

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