Picked this random photo from a recent stroll by the University Bridge. This layout was inspired by a page I saved by Sara Gleason but then I took off in my own direction. :-)


I love to take photo walks, where I just observe the world around me and see what kind of pictures Iím inspired to take. Sometimes I set out on a photo walk, but often I just find myself with a few extra minutes, waiting for a bus or an appointment, or a little bit early to meet someone, and I wander around the area, seeing what I can see.

On the day that I took this photo, I had caught an early bus to my dentist appointment. It was a gorgeous, warm spring day, and their office is right by the walk - just south of the University Bridge. Itís also directly under the Ship Canal Bridge, which is always filled with noisy I-5 traffic. But if you can put that out of your mind, itís a beautiful spot.

As I walked toward the bridge, I saw that thereís a little road that ducks down under it which Iíd never noticed before. A fragrant Japonica tree hung over the sidewalk, and I couldnít resist leaning in and inhaling all of that sweetness before going down the steep side- walk and under the bridge. All along the water, past hedges and gates, there were houseboats of all shapes and sizes. This bright yellow one popped out at me, and I had to take a photo. The kayaks stacked next to it made me think that perhaps itís actually a little rental shop rather than a home. But it was so cute anyway!

Farther down the tiny narrow road, I spotted more waterfront houses and houseboats on the water side, while a big new condo development was in progress above. A dozen photos and just a few minutes later, it was time to head back up to my appointment. Just a cleaning, and I always enjoy catching up with Terry, the dental hygienist whom Iíve been seeing for 25 years. But what a treat to have those few minutes for a quick photo walk by the water first.

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