We found a few (expensive!) postcards at NMSU but my swap friends especially wanted map cards. So we eventually ended up going to Old Town Mesilla, where there are lots of little tourist and craft shops. It was fun exploring. We finally found the perfect cards in the Billy the Kid Gift Shop - hooray! They also had dozens of tiny hot sauce bottles with great names. I got one for my fan of all things spicy, Niall.

This impressive church anchors the north end of the plaza in mesilla.

The Basilica of San Albino is Roman Catholic and was originally been established in Mexico. But it is now located in Mesilla, in the United States, as a result of a transfer of territory in the Gadsden Purchase.

The first church on the site was built in 1852; the current structure was built in 1906, and is one of the oldest churches in the region. Daily masses are held in both Spanish and English.

The basilica sits on the north side of the town square, and is built of fired brick, with a belfry facade on each corner. There are leaded stained glass windows depicting saints with geometric designs lining the walls of the nave.

Fonts - Anjelika Rose Thin (journaling), Bebas Neue (date), Amatic SC (church info)


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