I have had time for coffee AND scrapbooking this morning.... that never happens lately! Gotta love school holidays. Wink

Thanks for looking my friends!

Be Hoppy Element Pack
Classic Scraps Mini No. 01 Cardstocks Paper Pack
Done with Doilies Photo Clusters No. 01
Monthly Memories Element Pack No. 09
Monthly Memories Paper Pack No. 09
My Eggs No. 05 Brushes and Stamps
Readymade Layers: Spring Clusters No. 02 (altered)
Spring Meadows Element Pack
Traveler Blendable Layers No. 05 (paint and splatters)

Font: Traveling Typewriter
Journaling: Nana and Pomp spoiled you guys with $20 to spend on Easter chocolate this year! We had a spare day with no plans so as per Nana’s instructions we went off in search of whatever kind of chocolate you wanted. All either of you cared about was chocolate bunnies. This made me laugh because when I was your age I was exactly the same! You both chose the smartie filled bunnies and Linc chose another plain Cadbury bunny and Poppy a Lindt bunny. When it came time to eating the first one Linc chose the smartie bunny because it was the biggest and Poppy chose the Lindt bunny because it was the prettiest. You both cracked me up with your bunny eating logic!

(In case anyone is wondering... 'Pomp' is what Linc called his Pop before he could pronounce 'Pop' properly... and so 'Pomp' is a name that he is stuck with forever. We all call him that. lol)