This conversation literally just happened today. She turns 16 tomorrow. :P

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journaling: Me: Hey Zoe can we take a photo of your outfit
to show Adam?

Zoe: Why Adam?

Me: Because he and Nik just gave you the AC/DC
album for your birthday.

Zoe: ...

Me: ...

Me: You can even wear your sunglasses, you
don't even have to look at the camera. MISTAKE 1

Me: ...(tapping on her hand)

Me: ...(bending over to make her look at me while
she ignores me by scrolling through instagram.)

Me: Please?

Zoe: ...

Me: Your birthday is tomorrow and I may or may
not be done shopping. Odds are really good I am
NOT done shopping.

Zoe:YOU ARE SO ANNOYING! (as she walks out to the deck))

Me: So you always make fun of your sister tipping
her chin down so now you are going to tip yours up?

Zoe: (tips her chin all the way up as seen in the photo)

Me: You are such a brat

Zoe: ...

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