Believe it or not, this is a lift of Kathie's amazing page. Wink Thanks for the inspiration Wendy and Kathie!

This kiddo is seriously my hero. Things that come natural to most of us can be a real challenge for him. But he has a never give up attitude and because of that is making progress is leaps and bounds. He inspires me so much. Smile

Thanks for looking!

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Font: Traveling Typewriter
Journaling: Oh Linc, the progress you have made! You have always been super cautious and as much as you have loved the park over the years, you have struggled with any kind of equipment that makes you feel out of control. It has taken many years and lots of trial and error but you now take on any kind of park like itís no trouble at all. Swings? You go this! Slides? You will go down them face first if you can get away with it. Rope climbs and rock climbing walls? Like a professional! Gone are the days where the options and worry would be completely overwhelming. You are not even afraid of heights anymore! You my Son are simply amazing! You love exploring and finding new parks and play equipment to conquer and we love watching your confidence grow and flourish. You never give up and you try and try until you have mastered any obstacle. You let nothing stand in your way and because of that will always make big progress.